Karmic Codes

I will look into your Personal Energy Signature to locate and identify your repeating Karmic Issues. By shining a light on these deeper undercurrents, my goal is to empower you to transcend these aspects within your life. Developing Emotional Intelligence from a Spiritual Perspective can often help shift and clear these issues quite quickly.

Specific resonances that are unique to you will be identified and described in point-form on a symbolic chart.
This will include aspects of:
Your Repeating Emotional Cycles, Attachments & Pathways
How you’ve been coded to Filter & Interpret Reality
Details about your Karmic Task & how to step up to the challenge
Details about what you Suppress & how it's necessary to Integrate it

Access will be given to a 1hr explanatory video providing background information on how to work with your Chart and Codes, helping you to understand these mechanics and dynamics more thoroughly.

30 min Talk/Coaching Session is also included. We will review your Personal Karmic Setup and repeat Karmic Experiences/Cycles in more detail together. I will then shift your focus and highlight where opportunities exist for real Spiritual Growth. We will tap into aspects of your Soul's Purpose - which often requires developing new skills.

I will require your date of birth, but please note, this is not an astrology or numerology reading. This Energetic Analysis is very different.




Dear Eloise,

Thank you for the chart and the recording.

I liked the visual. It really helped me view those patterns in a new light. It makes sense to me and I can now see them for what they are. It’s a great reference tool to help me recognize if I’m acting or responding from any of those places and to shift out of it.

For me, it was very helpful to hear you explain the upper triangle and how we tend to bounce around those three states when we are out of balance or get triggered.

I was feeling all this out just fine, until you got to describing the Unconscious Emotions and I instantly started crying. But then laughed out loud a minute later when you said … ‘I can feel you getting sad about this Melissa’

I thought for a minute, this is a recording, right? Not live? Because you were right on time with your reading of how my energy would respond. Very cool. Thank you again!

Melissa Hill www.wholebe-ing.com

Dear Eloise,

Thank you for sharing this incredible gift!

Your ability to interpret the energetic patterns we’ve brought with us into this life is quite amazing. The insight this provides will be very helpful to many.

I was impressed with the accuracy of the readings you have done for me and several family members. In hindsight, it’s clear to see how the triggers you identified set off repeating emotional looping throughout our lives. Obviously, these ingrained patterns pose a significant hindrance to our desire for change.

There’s no question this insight can be a great tool in helping a person to unfold their highest potential. I’m excited to begin using your services with my own clientele.

Roger Schwartz Beyond Dependency and Addiction; www.recoveryourheart.com