Karmic Codes

If you are interested in Conscious Evolution then you'll already be on your quest for inner truth and wisdom. Part of knowing your 'truth' involves understanding how your Energy Signature secretly influences and moulds your life experience. As strange as this may sound, there are Energetic Codes that exist within your Energy Signature. These Codes predispose you to all sorts of Emotional, Mental and Behavioural Patterns. These Codes covertly operate within you, playing an integral role in your life. It's up to you to recognise these inner aspects in order to transcend them.

By exploring your Karmic Codes you gain direct personal insight into the Underlying Dysfunctional Patterns that persist in your life. You become conscious of the very things that hold you back. You become conscious of your unique Energetic Coding and what you need to Resolve. Part of this process requires that you face certain aspects about yourself, that maybe, you would rather ignore. Part of this process involves Developing Real Emotional Intelligence...and that requires significant Self-Awareness. Exploring your Karmic Codes will take you beyond your current blind spots. It will help you to re-frame what it is that you are experiencing so that you can

Remember your journey and Honor your higher goals

Quite frankly, this process can be a bit challenging for your ego but totally inspiring for your Soul. So, when you're ready to dive deep within, I'm here to guide you. I'll decode your Energy Signature for you. I'll show you the deeper aspects that form the base of your Karmic Anatomy. Once you can see these Codes & Patterns for yourself - everything changes!

Your Inner Matrix

It's quite trendy to focus on the external 'Matrix', the powers that be, the systems of control. However, if you ask me, I believe your attention needs to refocus on the inner matrix, on Your Inner Matrix, on your inner systems of control, on Your Energetic Codes. This is what needs to be transcended. This is your task.

Your Energetic Codes directly influence your life experience, they silently shape and twist your perception. So, regardless of whatever event or situation you find yourself in, you will process that information through your particular lens, through your particular framework and experience life based on your inner programming. That's why two people can experience the very same life event, yet process it entirely differently. Your Codes are designed to ensure that you experience very specific patterns of emotion. Deliberately.

Your Soul seeks this Experience in this life

It's part of your Karma and it's part of your Purpose. When viewed from this perspective, the gritty details of 'what happened' to you, to 'make' you feel this way, is almost irrelevant. Throughout your life you will have the propensity to experience these emotional and behavioural patterns over and over and over again, until such time that you can faintly hear your Soul whisper to you...

Have you had enough of this yet? Can you detach from these dysfunctional patterns? Are you ready to Consciously Evolve? If you can't recognise this inner calling and if you can't find your way out, then you will remain under the influence of your Energetic Codes your entire life - and Spiritual stagnation will set in as a result.

Most people desire change. The problem is they're usually trying to change other people or other things instead of themselves. That's the catch. Your Codes will definitely interact with others, sometimes in harmony, sometimes not. When your Codes collide with others, it causes friction and creates the illusion that the other person is at fault. You can blindly assume your perception of reality is accurate. But what if your perception is tainted? Deliberately tainted. What then?

By having the courage to explore your Energy Signature and by looking into your Karmic Codes, you can begin the process of consciously re-balancing and healing specific aspects within. You can begin to observe your inner dynamics as they play out in real time - and that can be a strange process to experience. You'll start to notice how these Codes conspire against you, twisting your perception of reality and automatically determine your reactions. It can be a shock to discover how entrenched these Codes have been in your life. All that time you thought you had free will, what a joke, you were like a puppet on a string. So predictable. If you really want to consciously evolve, I suggest

Developing Energetic Self Awareness

Remember, Karma is not punishment. You are the one punishing yourself by reliving these experiences over and over again. So, if you really want to break free, if you've finally had enough, let me help you discover the driving forces behind these dynamics.

Know the Difference: Energy Signature Vs Energy Body

Get a Sneak Peak into the 1hr Karmic Codes Video


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Consciously Transcend Karma

Discover Your Personal Karmic Codes

Awaken to These Deeper Undercurrents

Discover How You Filter & Interpret Reality

Understand Your Emotional Attachments & Pathways

Learn How to Resolve These Issues

Develop Real Emotional Intelligence

 Transcend Your Karmic Task



You'll receive details about your Karmic Codes

via a Symbolic Chart.

Your Codes describe the key resonances that

you have chosen to work through in this life

as well as aspects that you need to incorporate.


You gain private access to a 1hr Video

explaining these dynamics in great depth.

I'm trying to cater for everyone,

from the newbies to the professional energy workers.


30 min Energy Coaching is included

via skype/phone

or email support if preferred.


I will require your date of birth, but please note,

this is not an astrology or numerology reading.

This Energetic Analysis is very different.





Dear Eloise,

Thank you for the chart and the recording.

I liked the visual. It really helped me view those patterns in a new light. It makes sense to me and I can now see them for what they are. It’s a great reference tool to help me recognize if I’m acting or responding from any of those places and to shift out of it.

For me, it was very helpful to hear you explain the upper triangle and how we tend to bounce around those three states when we are out of balance or get triggered.

I was feeling all this out just fine, until you got to describing the Unconscious Emotions and I instantly started crying. But then laughed out loud a minute later when you said … ‘I can feel you getting sad about this Melissa’

I thought for a minute, this is a recording, right? Not live? Because you were right on time with your reading of how my energy would respond. Very cool. Thank you again!

Melissa Hill www.wholebe-ing.com

Dear Eloise,

Thank you for sharing this incredible gift!

Your ability to interpret the energetic patterns we’ve brought with us into this life is quite amazing. The insight this provides will be very helpful to many.

I was impressed with the accuracy of the readings you have done for me and several family members. In hindsight, it’s clear to see how the triggers you identified set off repeating emotional looping throughout our lives. Obviously, these ingrained patterns pose a significant hindrance to our desire for change.

There’s no question this insight can be a great tool in helping a person to unfold their highest potential. I’m excited to begin using your services with my own clientele.

Roger Schwartz Beyond Dependency and Addiction; www.recoveryourheart.com